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Project Description
Airlocker is a lightweight yet effective backup software. Right-click your folder, select "Send To -> Airlocker", and that's all! Next time you do it, only new & changed files will be copied.


Sorry that I didn't have the time to prepare a setup program. Here are the manual installation instructions:
  • Extract Airlocker.exe, AirlockConfigurer.exe and AirlockConfig.dll to a folder (I assume c:\program files\airlock\)
  • Run AirlockConfigurer.exe and select your target backup folder. This may be a folder on your harddisk, or the root of a removable storage device
  • Vista users; create a shortcut in C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo (2000 / XP users might find the SENDTO folder elsewhere). The shortcut will look like this:
    • E:\Development\Airlock\Airlocker\bin\Debug\Airlocker.exe -c &1 (to copy files)
    • E:\Development\Airlock\Airlocker\bin\Debug\Airlocker.exe -m &1 (to move files)
  • That's it! Now you can right-click a folder and select the new item to backup your files.

  • How does Airlocker backup my files?
    • Let's assume your computer name is "HomePC1". When you right-clicked C:\Users\Kerem\Documents and back it up, here is the sequence that Airlocker will follow:
      • A folder called "HomePC1" will be created on the target device
      • A folder called "HomePC1\C" will be created on the target device
      • A folder called "HomePC1\C\Users" will be created on the target device
      • A folder called "HomePC1\C\Users\Kerem" will be created on the target device
      • A folder called "HomePC1\C\Users\Kerem\Documents" will be created on the target device
      • All of the new & changed files in C:\Users\Kerem\Documents will be copied to (let's say) "H:\HomePC1\C\Users\Kerem\Documents"
  • So, only new & changed files are copied. Why?
    • If you have an archive of 10 GB's, you wouldn't want to wait for all of the files to be copied. Airlocker copies only new & changed files, saving lots of time. That way, you are ensured that your whole archive is safe on the remote device.
  • Can I use this program on multiple PC's?
    • Absolutely! Backups of multiple PC's will be stored in different folders on the remote device. For instance...
      • ...your documents in "HomePC1" will be stored in "H:\HomePC1\C\Users\Kerem\Documents"
      • ...your documents in "MyLaptop" will be stored in "H:\MyLaptop\C\Users\Kerem\Documents"
  • How is this different from Windows' file copy?
    • Making backups through the standard copy operation is very slow because you are practically copying all files to the remote folder. Airlocker copies new / changed files only.
  • How is this different from Vista's Briefcase?
    • Actually it's not too different; except the following points:
      • Briefcase doesn't copy files which require administrative authorization. Airlocker does (I think).
      • Briefcase may give you a hard time when you try to access the files in a non-Vista system. Airlocker merely copies files and touches nothing on th file system; ensuring that files on the target device will be accessible from any OS.
      • Managing backup operations of multiple PC's on a single device is easier and more standardized in Airlocker.
      • Briefcase updates files in both directions. Although small, there is a risk of ruining your file at your PC because the file on your removable media has been modified somehow. Airlocker updates file in one direction (PC -> Media); and never touches the files on your PC.

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